Saturday, January 08, 2005

Smokeless & Sleepless thoughts!

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The following may contain adult language!

I'm angry about lots of things right now. Most of which circle around smoking. I quit on Dec 31 @ 10pm and I've been an asshole since!

So here are a few reasons I'm pissed:

1) I Want one, I cant have one. (this ones simple for all folks who presently, or in the past have smoked.)

2) All you Non-smokers that thinking is soooo fucking easy to quit. (My response??? Fuck you, self-righteous bastards!) By the way, this does not include my non-smoking friends that have been supportive. They should know by seeing me its not easy!

3) This next one burns me to no end, All those assholes that used to piss me off because they would complain about cigarette smoke? It didn't matter where I was, mostly outside where I could legally smoke. They would still complain.... Pussies! Yeah well heres the kicker, I might end up like those jerks. Just so I can steer clear of cigarettes... Wonderful, turn in to my worst fucking nightmare!

4) Oh, Lets not forget the reason I'm writing this now.... Oh yeah! I can't Fucking sleep!

So just so you know, I'm fine, really! just needed to vent my frustrations. Dont worry... Im not giving up the attempt to quit. I'm three days along now and I'll be damned it I screw up now! but just wanted to let folks know... Im really annoyed right now.

Thats the purpose of having a blog... Right?
Gimme a couple weeks and I'm sure my mood will change! Just dont push it right now!

So in the spirit of those mood monitors, here goes:

current mood:
Ready to beat someone with a blunt object!

Ahhhh, I feel better now :)

till next time,


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