Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Feelin' Shagged 'n' Fagged 'n' Fashed!

Lovin' the Ugly!
Originally uploaded by techsavant.
The last several days I feel much like the picture.
Its been NON-Stop! I didn't even really get a relaxing weekend and thats probably why I feel so crappy this week. I'm hoping it more just the transition back into the semester thats making me feel a bit off lately.

Its my hope that my brain will find some return to normalcy sometime in the near future... I could really use it about now. I will have to say that this blog has helped. I can get things off my chest have a semi good time doing it...

I realize my readers probably have no fucking clue what I'm talking about half the time... S'ok, just go with it! I'll try to make better sense when I'm not so twisted and mangled in my thought processes.

One Last Thing...
I'd love to know if anyone can figure out where I got the title of this Blog entry.... HINT: Its from one of my All Time Favorite Movies!



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