Saturday, January 22, 2005

[Mission:Apple Store] Toys, Tools & Tweekers!

Okay All!
My first official "blog-signment" is coming up in a little over five and a half hours from now! I'll be reporting all the happenings from the release of three new Apple offerings. The latest update to iLife ('05), iWork '05 and the Mac mini. In addition to that, its possible that I might catch my first glimpse of the heavily coveted iPod Shuffle. I'm expecting a MAD House type atmosphere similar to the one I experienced during the Jaguar Release...

I'll put it this way, I didn't even make it through the door! The line for that event stretched all the way around the mall. It was NUTS! But my crew is determained, we've planed to show up a whole TWO hours before the Apple Store even opens. Admittedly, this is more than I'm willing to normally deal with but what the hell... I might just have some fun and it gets me out of the apartment for several hours.

I'll be armed with my Camera, iPod Photo, Cell phone (for those long overdue audioblogs), Nicorette & a few bucks to pick up one of the new pickings. I'll report all the goings on in the store and figure I might find some kid that's spent too much time in Mom's basement, awaiting the new arrivals! If I find a cooperative one, I'll try for an interview. Pictures will be served up as soon as I can upload them and who knows I might make these blog-signments my weekly addition. We'll see how this one goes.

So expect from the Weird to Demented as we go out and raise a little hell at the Aspen Grove Apple Store! This should be a little bit of fun on a whim.

till next post,
delete that cache, start those coffee pots and Enjoy the Madness!



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