Wednesday, January 26, 2005

God! I LOVE this Woman!

Originally uploaded by selkie.
If theres one thing I've learned from using Flickr is that sifting through other peoples images can be a great way to blow off some stream.

The woman in the picture goes by the username of selkie and she has become one of my favorites to check on a regular basis... I would imagine from the comments she gets, she's probably one of the more popular accounts on the system.

She's an artist from New Mexico and regularly posts nude self portraits to her account. (yeah, okay I've said it before... Im a sucker for nudes.) She definitely has gained herself a following and even has a song written about her. I highly recommend anyone to go check out her gallery of images... there are some truly powerful ones in her collection!

I'll keep commenting and learning from her (She really does have a tremendous eye for photography) She's become my unofficial muse to return to taking great pictures again and not just goof off with it.

Well thats about all I have to say for now.
Oh one more thing...
Thanks selkie, you've helped refuel my desire!!!



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