Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Okay, This one needed to be shared: Joey Hess: login:

One of the things that attract me to Linux and the open source environment is the "pioneering" spirit many of the users tend to have. The "lets see what happens if I try to do this..." attitude.

Its not always practical, its not always fruitful... but it doesn't have to be. Sometimes its just plain fun to try and see what happens, just because you can. Here we find a guy who wanted to see how many remote logins he attempt at one time. Below are his results.

Joey Hess: login::


This screenshot is what happens when I decide to try to log into as many
machines as I can all at once. Stats:
  • 41 successful logins
  • 11 failures
  • 3 ways to spell "Joey Hess" (and "grue")
  • 1 previosly unknown hardware failure (argh)
  • 2 other machines unavailable due to that hardware failure
  • 6 machines powered on remotely for login attempts
  • 1 remote hard power cycle needed
  • 5 ssh host keys changed
  • 1 machine unavailable due to firewall
  • 1 account I didn't know I had until reading a motd
  • 4 machines unavailable due to being turned off
  • 2 machines unavailable due to me not wanting to get up and plug them in
  • 1 machine unavailable due to broken netboot image
  • 6 first logins ever
  • 51 linux boxen
  • 51 debian boxen
  • 1 solaris box
  • 2 boxen smaller than my hand
  • 52 hunks of metal and silicon
  • an unknown number of countries
  • 3 continents
  • 1 hour wasted

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