Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tired of paying for upgrades?

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Sometime next year Microsoft will be releasing Windows Vista. (formerly known as Longhorn)

I'm sure there are a number of PC users that either getting impatient or aggravated that:
Microsoft keeps pushing back the release date on their latest OS Offering.
They have had to trim back some of the "promised" features of said OS.
That you'll probably end up paying through the nose to obtain a copy. (Free downloads using P2P doesn't count, besides thats illegal!)
There are free alternatives! Linux is truly coming into its own now and there are many distributions to choose from... So many choices, which one to choose???

If you are a rank amateur or if you know your way around a command line there is now one distro that actually can accommodate both now, Ubuntu! Its really worth a look over! It comes with OpenOffice the free counterpart to Microsoft office plus many other apps to keep you occupied for a good month or so!

I've decided to stick to one OS on my PC and Ubuntu will be that OS! So over the next six months (at least) I'll be reporting on the applications, fixes and any questions You may have on Ubuntu! I'm thinking it might even be best to dedicate an entire Blog to the cause. I'm hoping that you'll come visit and join this Ubuntu community!

Till then,
Happy downloading!

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