Sunday, July 31, 2005


Okay I finally got through the iKitchen tutorial. Needless to say I think the whole planning / engineering of the project is overboard in some areas, and not enough in others.
Things I would have considered doing...

  1. mount the screen on the wall (to save counter space)

  2. consider mounting the mini somewhere the CD/DVD drive would have been accessable (and NOT a place it was susceptible to kitchen dirt, debris and SPILLS!). Make a mounting bracket under one of the top counters perhaps?

  3. his ideas for cable management were okay, some I still dont understand (why oh why would you pull the Power LED and powerbutton is beyond me. Yes I realize he stuffed the unit under the counters, but (as mentioned in #2) I wouldn't have considered that for a possible area for placement... too much that could go wrong if you ask me.

IMHO: Nice idea, questionable implementation.

Don't get me wrong, I think the idea is great! and I'm sure he had his reasons to make the decisions he did. My situation is a bit different so I would, of course, go about doing things differently.

But its cool to see the process and notes of his thinking behind it all.

when I get a kitchen of my very own, I imagine I'll do something similar. [GRIN]


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