Friday, July 15, 2005

SciFi Friday

SciFi Friday
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This is it Folks!
Tonight we find out how Ben Browder & Claudia Black do on SG-1, See what the crew of Atlantis do to fight off the Wraith & Learn how gracefully Adama takes a bullet to the gut!

For SciFi folks its been Months of waiting... The waiting has ended!

Personally I think Ben will do a fine job on SG-1, its a shame that Claudia's Character, Vala, will be more of a cameo appearance. As a fan of Farscape, I loved both characters. We've seen Vala in action as a Con artist with an affinity for S&M. It's one of my favorite episodes of SG-1's season 8.

Next up: Atlantis, My new favorite SF show. I personally love all the cast of characters and the season finale was a HUGE cliffhanger! Sure... we all know that they'll win... but at what cost? Remember, They lost Peter in the season finale and the writing crew promised more suprises!

Finally, BSG
Starbucks on Caprica, Boltar and Six Stranded, Boomer's a Cylon, The President is under arrest and Adama's been shot! I can't think of anything to add to that.

Grab the beer, pass the popcorn and settle in for the season premiers!



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