Sunday, July 10, 2005

UPDATE! GOD! I miss Hockey!

[It appears the original link posted for this video went down, I found a new one so all can enjoy again!]

Footballs over, basketball sucks and the NHL will not be around this year.
How depressing...

So I'm collecting all sorts of Hockey related media in its place. Hopefully that will quell some of this need for slapshots to the five hole and hockey fights. First on this list is a fine ad from the molsen folks. Its funny as hell and a MUST see for any hockey fan. So the non-hockey savvy this may not appear to have anything to do with the sport. But trust me, I've you wondering why your Hockey buddies are laughing their asses off to this commercial... have them explain after they stop rolling on the floor!

Quite possibly the funniest hockey ad EVER!



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