Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The invasion of the Earthships!

An Earthship in Taos
Originally uploaded by geminicat.
Earthships have been around for a while now. Environmentally friendly, and self-sustaining homes have come a long way since their "hippy" roots. Solar, Geothermal & Water reclamation technologies have improved considerably since the first versions.

I've been thinking about looking into one... theres only one real drawback I can see. Bandwidth.... I need it and areas that could accomidate an earthship aren't generally cable internet accessable. Will have to look into alternatives unless something truly revoltionary comes down the pipe!

I'll keep you updated on my findings and you'll be sure to hear any progress I make on actually making my earthship dream a reality!

For more info on Earthships go to:
Earthship Biotecture


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