Saturday, July 16, 2005

Forgot all about this!



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Yep your humble narrator has been dubbed less than average by
What a damn shame!
I did this... Geez, over a year ago as a bit of friendly competition with a friend of mine... He won.
But I remembered it today and wanted to see were I stood. Nothing very surprising, might experiment with it and change out the pic and see what happens.

For those who might be concered if I'm hurt by this... fear not! Remember, I'm the geeky smart kid, thats way better than being "Beautiful"! Besides I have bigger fish to fry than to entertain bored, insecure, 'net surfers, looking for a date!

Anyhoo, On to the next BIG Project!

Oh BTW: Dont rate me, serously its not a big deal!


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