Tuesday, July 19, 2005

His Purple badness himself...

Purple Rain
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much 2 the amusement (or dismay) of many of my friends & family, I'm an admitted teen of the 80's & Prince Junkie! I LOVE his funky sound! Let's face it... U have 2 have some respect 4 some1 who has mastered over 20 instruments!

Its been a while since I spent sometime with the "Purple 1" and it might just show, I've been 2 grumpy with most aspects of life lately. So I cracked open my collection today. (Including the Coverville podcast dedicated 2 his songs, GREAT show by the way, Thanks Brian!!!)

Needless 2 say, I can't help but B happy and upbeat after listening 2 songs like "Kiss", "Erotic City" & "The Beautiful 1s"

Personal Note: 4 any1 who might have noticed the use of numbers & letters instead of writing out the word. (ex: "1" instead of "one", "4" instead of "for") Yes this was done intentionally, This was a common convention used in all of Prince's Linernotes... Just so you know! [Grin]


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