Saturday, July 16, 2005

SciFi Friday: Afterthoughts

I finally got to see SciFi Friday... Thankfully my Roomie was good enough to record it for me last night while I was out!

My thoughts in a word... WOW!

It was good to see Ben Brower (Lt Col. Cameron Mitchell) take the lead for the SG-1 team. Lots of backstory for this new character! It was also good to see Claudia Black (Vala). (For those scifi freaks out there, you'll remember that Ben & Claudia co-stared in their own series, Farscape. Great to see them working together again!) The season premier was the first in a two parter... the beginning of Ben's custodial duties as the lead for SG-1 was good, but I'll have to get back to you on that next week when the second part concludes.

Rick's Rating: 4 Stars

SG: Atlantis:
This was the one I've been waiting the last four months for.... We see the what happens to the Atlantis crew... And questions get answered. Will Sheppard sacrifice himself to distroy a Hive ship? Are Ford & Teyla killed by overpowering Wraith forces? What about the last remaining Hive ship? and, of course, Where the Hell is The Daedalus, the second earth ship being sent to back up the efforts of Atlantis? These get answered and new twists emerge!

Rick's Rating: a perfect 5 Stars!!!

Battlestar Galactica:
The darker, grittier update to the late seventies SF series BSG was left on a cliffhanger! Commander Adama was shot. Starbuck disobeys orders to find an ancient relic back on Cylon controlled Caprica and the fate of the scout ship that crash lands on Kobol! Are any of these resolved in the season opener? Nope not one, but its a great story and will most likely keep you in your seat wanting more next week!

Rick's Rating: 4.5 stars!

A great way to start off the season for all three shows!

But it gets better!
Next week, we see the SciFi channel premier of FireFly! This prematurely cancelled show will start the friday lineup and will no doubt create more fans for the release of Serenity, the FireFly movie due out this fall!

Until then, buckle your seatbeats this season of SciFi Friday looks to be a great one!


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