Thursday, August 25, 2005


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Thanks to a friend, I found a site the allows you to create church signs. Yes, I'm sure there are tons of irreverent signs made at this sign daily!

Heres one of my contributions!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Yup, had to take the test. Heres the results!...

My computer geek score is greater than 94% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

Yup, had to take the test. Heres the results!

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iBook Riot!

iBook Riot!
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Today people climbed over each other to get their hands on 4 year old iBooks recently decommissioned by Hermitage High School, near Richmond, VA. Richmond International Raceway became the site for people acting crazy in the hopes to get a good deal.

This years students will be recieving brand new Dell Laptops! I'll keep my eyes open in four years to see if they cause the same type of distrubance when they sell for $50!

Try this at home Kids!

Try this at home Kids!
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Can it a bug, call it what you will but there is a trick to finding a hidden little secret for what appears to be a feature to come...
For those of you with iTunes 4.9 and a Mac (of course) go into you display settings and drop the color depth to 256 colors.... Yeah I know its ugly... but then open up iTunes and go into the preferences... and check out that podcast icon now! Yup, it becomes an icon the strangely resembles a Cellphone.... Hmmmmm very interesting indeed!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tired of paying for upgrades?

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Sometime next year Microsoft will be releasing Windows Vista. (formerly known as Longhorn)

I'm sure there are a number of PC users that either getting impatient or aggravated that:
Microsoft keeps pushing back the release date on their latest OS Offering.
They have had to trim back some of the "promised" features of said OS.
That you'll probably end up paying through the nose to obtain a copy. (Free downloads using P2P doesn't count, besides thats illegal!)
There are free alternatives! Linux is truly coming into its own now and there are many distributions to choose from... So many choices, which one to choose???

If you are a rank amateur or if you know your way around a command line there is now one distro that actually can accommodate both now, Ubuntu! Its really worth a look over! It comes with OpenOffice the free counterpart to Microsoft office plus many other apps to keep you occupied for a good month or so!

I've decided to stick to one OS on my PC and Ubuntu will be that OS! So over the next six months (at least) I'll be reporting on the applications, fixes and any questions You may have on Ubuntu! I'm thinking it might even be best to dedicate an entire Blog to the cause. I'm hoping that you'll come visit and join this Ubuntu community!

Till then,
Happy downloading!

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

This is worth checking: Hackers bring OS X Intel to PCs

It appears the rumors are true. Mac OS X has been hacked to run on a garden variety PC. Pretty neat if you ask me... Check the link below for video proof!

Hackers bring OS X Intel to PCs - video:
A video claims to show Mac OS X for Intel workin on an unapproved PC notebook - does Apple plan an OS takeover?

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[Fabricated News] Cats can Charleson!

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Aug 11, 2005 Tokyo, Japan:After much surveillance, researchers in Japan have learned that cats can not only dance, but charleston! Yes, the happy felines, when left unattended, have a tendancy to dance.

Other dance moves observed included The Hand-Jive, The Locomotion and one talented kitty even demonstrated the Moon-walk!

Cat owners are asked to make sure there is sufficient "dance floor" space in your home and its also suggested that you turn a radio on when you leave the house.

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Amanda Congdon, Internet sweetheart.

Amanda Congdon
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Amanda Congdon, the gal from RocketBoom that every drooling fanboy loves to see on a daily basis. Has truely become the sweetheart of the Internet. I've watched RocketBoom off and on for the last six months. Its pretty creative and has plenty of humor. I'm actually rather impressed with their unconventional use of webcams, calling to the locations and interviewing someone they see.

I like to watch every once and a while but I've come to the conclusion I can't watch it every single day. She's witty and easy on the eyes, but the humor sometimes grates at me if I watch it too much. So two or three times a week is about all I can take and remain unirritated.

But that shouldn't stop you from checking it out. Its actually quite good and can be very inventive at times. Go check them out! If nothing else you can become another drooling fanboy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Capitol in Sepia

Capitol in Sepia
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Felt the shuttle bug bitin' and had to go take a few shots tonight. So I took these.... still need to play with settings and get my timed exposures better planned but not to shabby for a first attempt. You can check out more on my flickr site. Click the image to get there. I promise you more soon! Just gotta go find some interesting landscapes to shoot.

Hmmm theres a staff retreat in the mountains coming up soon... Those always turn out nice :) I'll keep a postin' so stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Jonathans iBook

Jonathans iBook
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This shot taken at a recent staff meeting... No I wasn't playing... it was a quick demonstration of how cellphones can be used to quickly deliver meaningful content.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Goin' to Bed!

Too Tired to Sleep #2
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Short post...
just felt like posting my "mood-meter".