Wednesday, January 26, 2005

[Flickr Installment] West Shinjuku

West Shinjuku
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Ahhhh Tokyo!
its my hope to one day visit Japan and enjoy the native flavor. Until then I'll have to thank Lil for her amazing photography!


Major Update!

16th & Market
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For those of you that actually read this Blog, I have some exciting news! As many of you know I have a Flickr Pro Account and I spent some time over the last few days organizing my images in Apple's Newest version of iPhoto.

The result was my first major upload to my image gallery! Some of these pictures date back to the day I first bought my digital camera! Come check it out!
@ My Flickr Page!.


God! I LOVE this Woman!

Originally uploaded by selkie.
If theres one thing I've learned from using Flickr is that sifting through other peoples images can be a great way to blow off some stream.

The woman in the picture goes by the username of selkie and she has become one of my favorites to check on a regular basis... I would imagine from the comments she gets, she's probably one of the more popular accounts on the system.

She's an artist from New Mexico and regularly posts nude self portraits to her account. (yeah, okay I've said it before... Im a sucker for nudes.) She definitely has gained herself a following and even has a song written about her. I highly recommend anyone to go check out her gallery of images... there are some truly powerful ones in her collection!

I'll keep commenting and learning from her (She really does have a tremendous eye for photography) She's become my unofficial muse to return to taking great pictures again and not just goof off with it.

Well thats about all I have to say for now.
Oh one more thing...
Thanks selkie, you've helped refuel my desire!!!


Feelin' Shagged 'n' Fagged 'n' Fashed!

Lovin' the Ugly!
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The last several days I feel much like the picture.
Its been NON-Stop! I didn't even really get a relaxing weekend and thats probably why I feel so crappy this week. I'm hoping it more just the transition back into the semester thats making me feel a bit off lately.

Its my hope that my brain will find some return to normalcy sometime in the near future... I could really use it about now. I will have to say that this blog has helped. I can get things off my chest have a semi good time doing it...

I realize my readers probably have no fucking clue what I'm talking about half the time... S'ok, just go with it! I'll try to make better sense when I'm not so twisted and mangled in my thought processes.

One Last Thing...
I'd love to know if anyone can figure out where I got the title of this Blog entry.... HINT: Its from one of my All Time Favorite Movies!


Saturday, January 22, 2005

Got reacquainted with a good friend tonight!

Self Portrait
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Okay, First things first: Normally I would not be inclined to post a picture of myself on my own website. I mean, really I want people to come and enjoy the things they see and read here, not scare the living daylights out of the with my ugly mug!

But tonight is a bit special...
I got in touch with a very good friend I haven't spoken to in a long time. and wanted to post an image up especially for her... This one was taken right after I spoke with her!


Originally uploaded by techsavant.
Today was a major release day for Apple.
They released the Mac mini, iLife '05 & iWork... which we all went out a got at least one thing. in the case of my Buddy Dave here... He got a new iPod Shuffle and then promptly ate it, dispite the warning!

Funnily enough, Apple removed that warning from the shuffle site... So I guess its okay to eat them now! Bon Appetite!

Apple Store Post Game

this is an audio post - click to play

Okay, yeah wasn't as fun as anticipated... but got a few images of product. Had a few laughs with the guys, that was the most fun for the day!

Apple Store Preview

this is an audio post - click to play

[Mission:Apple Store] Toys, Tools & Tweekers!

Okay All!
My first official "blog-signment" is coming up in a little over five and a half hours from now! I'll be reporting all the happenings from the release of three new Apple offerings. The latest update to iLife ('05), iWork '05 and the Mac mini. In addition to that, its possible that I might catch my first glimpse of the heavily coveted iPod Shuffle. I'm expecting a MAD House type atmosphere similar to the one I experienced during the Jaguar Release...

I'll put it this way, I didn't even make it through the door! The line for that event stretched all the way around the mall. It was NUTS! But my crew is determained, we've planed to show up a whole TWO hours before the Apple Store even opens. Admittedly, this is more than I'm willing to normally deal with but what the hell... I might just have some fun and it gets me out of the apartment for several hours.

I'll be armed with my Camera, iPod Photo, Cell phone (for those long overdue audioblogs), Nicorette & a few bucks to pick up one of the new pickings. I'll report all the goings on in the store and figure I might find some kid that's spent too much time in Mom's basement, awaiting the new arrivals! If I find a cooperative one, I'll try for an interview. Pictures will be served up as soon as I can upload them and who knows I might make these blog-signments my weekly addition. We'll see how this one goes.

So expect from the Weird to Demented as we go out and raise a little hell at the Aspen Grove Apple Store! This should be a little bit of fun on a whim.

till next post,
delete that cache, start those coffee pots and Enjoy the Madness!


[Flickr Installment] Awwwww Moggie!

Originally uploaded by Torbein.
Flickr, Blogger, AudioBlogging and I'm sure I'll find more that will keep me online sifting through more trinkets and other nifty net doodads!

No real reason why I chose this picture... besides I like the kitties, and I think its a cool picture!

So it appears that I'll be posting all sorts of images, sounds and words at irregular intervals... for those seeking real content... I promise its coming! Util then Enjoy the image barrage!


Friday, January 21, 2005

Flickr Find of the Week!

figure3 1 small
Originally uploaded by deviantization.
I'm a complete sucker for GREAT Nudes! My favorites are generally much like he ones pictured here. When the camera shows almost as much skin as possible without actually showing anything considered "Taboo", more specifically nipples or genitalia. To me, its much more provocative than say, a woman spread eagle for all the world to see.

You may not like it or think of it as pornography. I think of it as lines and textures that naturally are appealing because of who we are... we can be drawn to it because its viewed as sexy, nurturing or simply a thing of beauty. Afterall, thats what a human body really is.... Right?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hello, My name's Rick....

and Im addicted to anime!
I mainly watch the Action Shows Like Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell & Full Metal Alchemist but I do actually like InuYasha (to my friends dismay... trust me its better than that crap they watch )

Okay, so the point of this particular blog???
well while trying to chase down music from an FMA promo, I happened upon this really COOL! site

It has quicktime captures of tons of Adult Swin Show Intros, Outros & Promos, most of them High quality too !

So Dave, Chris & whoever else.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

iHome is real after all!

Well, iHome caused much debate the day before the Steve Jobs Keynote and many thought that the iHome Media Certne was a hoax. As it turns out the iHome is a real Apple project and the only reason it was not announced at the keynote was because Steve ran out of time. Apple plans to reschedule the iHome announcement for sometime after the 22nd...
The initial images that were posted were a fake however, here are the REAL iHome Images!

a New Passtime... flickr Surfin'

Originally uploaded by Lubrificante.
As you can see in the sidebar of my blogger page I've begun to use flickr. it allows me to upload pics and use them on my site in addition to browsing and using other folks pics.

its pretty interesting to see what others have done uploaded. I particularly enjoy sifting through the nudes... beyond the obvious reasons. I find some really interesting shots like this one. I Love these kinds of nude shots. For as familiar as we are with the shape of our bodies, can you identify what part of the body this shot came from? Sure could be the Legs (most likely answer) but it could be the arms held together (or somewhere else equally recognizable). The main point is the idea of being mislead.

something to chew on for a bit,

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Smokeless & Sleepless thoughts!

Reposted for

The following may contain adult language!

I'm angry about lots of things right now. Most of which circle around smoking. I quit on Dec 31 @ 10pm and I've been an asshole since!

So here are a few reasons I'm pissed:

1) I Want one, I cant have one. (this ones simple for all folks who presently, or in the past have smoked.)

2) All you Non-smokers that thinking is soooo fucking easy to quit. (My response??? Fuck you, self-righteous bastards!) By the way, this does not include my non-smoking friends that have been supportive. They should know by seeing me its not easy!

3) This next one burns me to no end, All those assholes that used to piss me off because they would complain about cigarette smoke? It didn't matter where I was, mostly outside where I could legally smoke. They would still complain.... Pussies! Yeah well heres the kicker, I might end up like those jerks. Just so I can steer clear of cigarettes... Wonderful, turn in to my worst fucking nightmare!

4) Oh, Lets not forget the reason I'm writing this now.... Oh yeah! I can't Fucking sleep!

So just so you know, I'm fine, really! just needed to vent my frustrations. Dont worry... Im not giving up the attempt to quit. I'm three days along now and I'll be damned it I screw up now! but just wanted to let folks know... Im really annoyed right now.

Thats the purpose of having a blog... Right?
Gimme a couple weeks and I'm sure my mood will change! Just dont push it right now!

So in the spirit of those mood monitors, here goes:

current mood:
Ready to beat someone with a blunt object!

Ahhhh, I feel better now :)

till next time,

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Appleseed The Movie!

Appleseed The Movie!
Originally uploaded by techsavant.
Get Ready Kids! in just over a week, APPLESEED the Movie will be released in American theaters! I remember seeing that their were plans for this movie, but didn't keep up with news... Until now! there is yet to be any listings for Denver, but the same happened with GITS 2: Innocence. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


for more info, goto
The APPLESEED Movie Site

Bang movies rock!